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Shopfloor teams

No need to compromise. Be connected and flexible at the same time

Teams working on the shopfloor are essential; it is them that actually keep the production moving. In order to be efficient, they need to stay flexible and have access to real-time data related to production and maintenance. Productoo applications Production Control and Maintenance Control allow them to do just that. Designed for touchscreens and mobile devices, our solutions are ready to be used right on the shopfloor.

But it doesn’t stop there. Whatever happens on the shopfloor is immediately displayed in the planning sections of the apps. This way all key users (such as production and maintenance planners or plant managers) stay always up-to-date.

Production execution

The line operator logs into the system on the shopfloor touchscreen and immediately sees which kanbans he needs to produce. If anything changes in the production queue, he is informed in real time. Starting and finishing production can be done by tapping an icon on the touchscreen (it can also be done automatically if we connect our app to your MES system). If a kanban cannot be produced, the operator can send it to Redbox with a touch of a finger – and start working on the next kanban in line.

Line feeding and warehouse operations

A special screen for line feeders and warehouse operators gives them information about how much raw material they need to prepare for each production line. No more missing components, late deliveries and angry customers.

Issuing maintenance notifications

Walking around the shopfloor, anybody can issue notifications using a mobile device with our maintenance app. Just scan the barcode of the equipment or look it up using the search bar and issue a notification with a touch of a finger.

Carrying out maintenance orders

A technician is working on the shopfloor. A notification pops up on his tablet. It is a new maintenance order that needs to be done. After tapping on the order, he gets access to the working instructions and spare parts list. He starts and completes the task by tapping an icon on the tablet. Everybody knows what’s going on every step of the way.