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SAP interface | Productoo & SAP integration

When it comes to integrating our solutions with SAP, we are very flexible and can provide you with several SAP interfaces (see an overview below).

It doesn’t matter which communication channel you choose. All daily operations (whether they are related to planning or maintenance) are done in Productoo and synchronized with SAP – so you always have access to up-to-date master data there and don’t have to worry about multiple data maintenance. This way you can easily view your data in Productoo and be sure that you will get the same result if you check it in SAP.

We always choose the interface that suits your needs the most in terms of effectivity. If you are already using a certain method of connection with other applications, we can adapt to that because we know you already have the infrastructure and “know the ropes” of it.

As the overview below shows, there are five basic communication channels. We can connect any of our applications to SAP using any of these interfaces. Although some of them provide better user comfort than others, some of them are easier to set up than others, we will always do our best to satisfy your needs (and the requirements of your IT department).





IDOCs sent by flatfile Replication Scheduled job Scheduled job
IDOCs sent by middleware Replication SAP Business Connector (SAPBC) or similar application Realtime Realtime or Scheduled (based on setting)
Web services (both sides) Replication Realtime Realtime
Web services (SAP) vs REST API (Productoo) Replication Realtime Realtime
SAP Cloud Direct database access SAP HANA platform required Realtime  Realtime