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Repetitive manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is characterised by frequent changes (in products and their quantities) that reflect customer requirements. In repetitive manufacturing, on the other hand, the same or similar products are produced over a longer period of time – we usually speak about mass production. Repetitive manufacturing processes are often highly automated, and are typical of e.g. the automotive or household appliance industry.

Effective long-term planning is an essential part of repetitive manufacturing. As no big fluctuations and changes in production are involved, the process needs to be as efficient and smooth as possible in order to achieve a cost-effective, continuous flow of material. In other words, you want to do more with less resources. This requires careful capacity planning with maximal equipment utilization and minimal changeover times.

Repetitive manufacturing with Productoo Smart Factory Suite

Productoo applications were designed to cover manufacturing processes in the automotive industry. Although the scope of our solutions has expanded significantly, digitalization of repetitive manufacturing processes is still our daily bread.

With Production Control, you are getting a smart tool for multi-level production planning and scheduling based on customer orders or ekanbans. You can integrate our software with your ERP system or use it as a standalone solution. The customization section allows you to set up all important data such as production lines, materials, takt times and shifts. The application includes a functionality designed specifically for producing large kanban batches. With Planning Wizard, you can create a production plan for thousands of kanbans within minutes.

Production planning cannot be done without considering planned maintenance. Maintenance Control, our CMMS application, allows you to manage and track maintenance operations in your plant, and to have access to information about all assets, spare parts as well as maintenance staff.

If you are looking for a real-time monitoring and reporting tool, check out our Factory Cockpit. You can integrate it with any systems in your plant and follow all important KPIs just in one application.

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