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Reduce WIP & inventory

Reduce WIP with Productoo! If you don’t have a reasonable WIP limit, your cash is tied up in inventory, your lead times are probably longer than necessary and it’s easier to make mistakes in the production process. Setting WIP limits that reflect customer demand and your production capacity is one step on the path toward lean manufacturing

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I want to improve my factory performance

Lean production is all about waste elimination. But improving your value streams is impossible without mapping and understanding them first. You can analyze your current production with Production Tracker – and identify your weak points. Use the tool to monitor your stock as well as the overall material flow.

If you have a good overview of your production process, it’s easier to optimize your planning. Production Control helps you create optimal plans that reflect production capacity as well as customer demand. If you digitize the material flow, your work centers become more connected, which helps reduce your product lead time. Following the principles of pull system, the solution allows you to start new work only when it’s needed (either due to customer demand or e.g. safety stock replenishment).

The benefits of implementing Productoo solutions include:

  • better use of production capacity
  • optimal pace of work & shorter lead time
  • improved cash flow

Take a look at some examples of the solution:

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