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Reduce lead time, changeovers and deliver on time

As cliché as it sounds, time is money. Your customers are not going to pay for anything that doesn’t add value to the product they have ordered. That is why you should think about ways to reduce lead time of your goods.

Manufacturing processes are often very complex and include a number of stages and operations – and often even transport. This means there is a lot of space for waste. Maybe your material waits too long between stages – just like the image below shows.

lead time

Or you might struggle with defects and need to do frequent rework. Do your line feeders ever bring the wrong material to the production line? It’s not uncommon for manufacturing companies to waste days and even weeks during the production process. Days and weeks nobody is going to pay for. You can reduce lead time significantly by digitizing the manufacturing process.

Productoo helps you analyze your material flow and identify your bottlenecks, create optimal production plans and make sure you produce what you need and when you need it – and fast. In addition, it allows you to stay updated on your production process in real time. If you know what’s happening, you can act faster and prevent small issues from becoming big problems.

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How to reduce lead time with Productoo

Use Production Tracker to get a complete overview of your production process including waiting times and increase the value added index of your production. The BI tool can also help you set future targets for your one-piece flow. One of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry has managed to reduce lead time by about 45% with Production Tracker

Production Control creates the optimal plan for you based on all the data. The artificial planner eliminates all unnecessary changeovers. Produce just what your customers demand and just in time. Use the Truck Image Monitor to make sure the goods are shipped when they are supposed to.

production tracking

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