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Pull manufacturing at AGC Automotive Czech

AGC Automotive Czech produces 32 million car windows every year and supplies them to all major European automakers. Productoo is honored to have had the chance to be the selected supplier for a project with an ambitious goal: implementation of a pull manufacturing system with planning automation and better inventory control. 

Over the course of six months, our experienced analysts and consultants designed and implemented a customized version of Production Control, a pull production solution, with advanced functionalities such as:

  • planning automation, respecting the sequence of workstations in the manufacturing flow, their capacity and changeover matrix 
  • automatic production quantity calculations (taking yield values and material in stock into account)
  • material coverage prediction (to prevent material shortages)
  • possibility of alternative production routings and input materials
  • connection between planning and production operations 
  • data management scalability (various data sources – ERP, spreadsheets etc.)

The most important outcomes include a better control of WIP, enabling a smooth material flow with reduced inventory, and the availability of real-time production data (thanks to a shopfloor interface).

A more detailed description of the solution as well as the results are coming soon!

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