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Production Tracking

Production Tracker is an advanced business intelligence tool that allows you to track batches throughout the whole door-to-door process, from receiving a raw material to its shipment, in real time. Our production tracking software covers both production and non-production stages of the process (production lines, inventory, quality labs…). This way you’ll know exactly where a material is at any time – but not only that. You can also analyze historical data and use the findings for process optimization.

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Production Tracker is the right tool for you if you want to:

  • identify bottlenecks in your value stream map
  • discover the root causes of problems occurring in the production process
  • optimize inventory
  • set optimal production targets (and, eventually, transition to lean production).



Real-time tracking across value stream

Production Tracker provides a number of tracking scenarios that also include substages. This means you can track a material even within a single stage/activity it needs to go through. From receiving to processing, assembly, packaging and shipment – you will stay up-to-date at all times. This also gives you a clear overview of the material flow and allows you to optimize your production process.

The real-time production tracking tool complements our planning module perfectly, as it allows you to identify a potential problem in the production process and notifies you of necessary actions.

Reporting & historical data analysis

You don’t need to spend hours preparing reports. An extensive reporting tool can process up to one year worth of data and visualise the result in a nice and clear way.


Inventory utilization

Besides batch movement tracking, the solution can also help you monitor and analyze other production aspects such as inventory utilization over the course of time.

ERP-integrated or standalone solution

The production tracking tool can be integrated with SAP (or another ERP system) and use its data or it can run as a standalone solution. In this case, batches are tracked using the Digital Workstation.

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