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Make your production process transparent and efficient

Production planning goes hand in hand with managing maintenance operations. The production planner needs to know if a production line is in operation or if a maintenance task is scheduled for a specific shift. Similarly, if regular maintenance is being planned for a piece of equipment, the planner should know about the production schedule in order to avoid the busiest time slots.

Having access to the right data related to both production and maintenance is an easy task with our applications.

Multi-level production planning

Production Control is the perfect tool for detailed scheduling based on production orders or electronic kanbans. Connect it to ERP (SAP) or use it as a standalone solution. Supporting both make-to-order and make-to-stock production strategies, the system covers the whole process of multi-level production from semi-finished goods to assembly lines. The drag and drop function and andon-based use of colors make the application incredibly intuitive.

Scheduling maintenance orders

Maintenance Control allows you to manage all maintenance operations easily and efficiently. After a maintenance notification is issued, the maintenance planner can set schedule it and assign to a selected technician easily by drag and drop. You can track every step of the process and get instant access to the right data. Find out everything about the current status of all orders, your technicians or spare parts. Make any changes in the maintenance plan within seconds. Be flexible with Productoo solutions!

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