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Production performance monitoring

Staying updated on your production is essential for your business. But you don’t want to spend too much time trying to get the right information. This can be solved with digitization. A good production performance monitoring solution makes sure you stay informed – and notifies you if anything goes wrong.

The most important benefits of digitization include:

  • increased transparency of the manufacturing process
  • instant visibility of business critical information
  • possibility to prevent minor issues from escalating
  • availability of data for fast reporting

Productoo solutions offer a wide range of functionalities for production performance monitoring and reporting. 

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Digital Andon

The digital andon is one of the basic features of the entire Productoo ecosystem. Using the standard color code (green, yellow, red), it gives you real-time information about the status of the processes on the shopfloor. This allows staff to receive notifications of any issues and quickly respond to the situation.

Digital Workstation

Digital Workstation keeps your production execution on track. As one of the modules of Production Control, an advanced planning, tracking and execution solution, it helps shopfloor staff do their job more efficiently and informs you if your production goes according to plan. 

digital workstation

Production Tracker

Production Tracker allows you to monitor all your production items at all work stages in real time. You can also generate complex graphs, reports and analyses focusing on various aspects of your value streams within seconds. 

production reporting

Factory Cockpit

And what about managers and executives? They are the ones who really need to stay in touch with the business performance. However, they put a bigger emphasis on the overall picture, most important KPIs and highly critical issues. Factory Cockpit, a digital twin of the production facility, is just the right tool for them. Connect it to all systems and apps that you use the 3D monitoring and reporting solution to stay informed at all times.

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