Production control

Experience a new age of production planning & execution

Take complete control of your production processes with digitized, accelerated workflow.  No more Excel.  No more paper.  Fewer meetings.  Integrate your production teams like never before!

Production Control

Manufacturing planning, scheduling & execution solution for production orders and kanbans

Use Production Control for detailed scheduling based on production orders or electronic kanbans. Connect it to ERP (SAP) or use it as a standalone solution. Supporting both make-to-order and make-to-stock production strategies, the system covers the whole process of multi-level production from semi-finished goods to assembly lines.

Andon-based use of colors helps you quickly assess the current status of the processes. See red anywhere? That means there is an issue that requires your attention. Green? Everything is going as planned. Staying up-to-date couldn’t be any easier.

Meets Industry 4.0 standardsMultiple Planning StrategiesConnect to ERP & 3rd party applicationsMultiple Data Entry MethodsDashboards & Reporting

Main features and solution highlights

From production planning to shop floor execution to logistics to the warehouse, Production Control covers the full scope of your production operations.  Using and ERP system?  We connect to it.  Have MES software?  No problem.  Want a standalone system?  We will deliver it.

Production Control works the way you do!

Plan Production like a pro

Demand Planning Synchronization.

Start with production orders created by ERP software or other 3rd party apps

Eliminate production planning in Excel, printing and distribution of paper

“Poka yoke” all the way!

Production control makes assignment of production order / ekanbans “poka yoke” meaning “mistake proof”. With proper configuration it is impossible to assign items to a production line that is incapable of producing the item.

Sequencing & Assignment of Production Orders / eKanbans

(a.k.a. Production Scheduling)

Production Order / ekanban sequencing

Sequencing methods are:

  • Drag & drop for full control
  • Automatic
  • Smart Suggestions


Parallel Planning

Manage production lines side-by-side

Get a complete overview of production capacity and level production by drag & drop

Multi-level Production

Plan & Follow production orders every step of the way!

From MPS to final assembly & packaging to semi-finished lines to the warehouse.  You’ve never had a clearer picture of production.

MES redefined for the shop floor

Shop floor screens make the production process even more connected and transparent. Touchscreen control, optimized for operators, is extremely easy and intuitive. In the manual mode, starting and finishing production is done simply by tapping an icon. You can also connect the app to your MES and make production declaration fully automatic.

Can connect with your current MES system or run as a standalone MES.


Line feeder view

Ideal for material line feeders on the shop floor and in the warehouse

Receive instant notifications of material shortages and keep production lines up and running at full capacity.  No more waiting.


On time shipments with Outbound deliveries view

Delivery notes are prioritized according to when trucks will arrive.  Get current status of all orders that need to be on the truck.

Accelerate your production team

the team that will love using Production Control

Plant managers, team leaders, production planners, line operators, line feeders, logistics specialists, and more.

Production Control brings the entire team together and accelerates their everyday workflow.

Always up to date and paperless!


Make day-to-day production simple.  Daily production planning in minutes.  Production changes updated in real-time. Freedom from Excel and paper!


Touch screen displays on the shop floor allow line operators to receive production orders in real-time.  As planning is changed, line operators are immediately updated.


Allows production line feeders to know exactly which raw materials, purchased components, or semi-finished goods are necessary to keep production moving.

Touch screens are installed directly where needed on the shop floor or in the warehouse where production materials are stored.

Production control – the details. Everything you need to know.

Productoo is FLEXIBLE.  Not just our application features & connectivity, but also our teams and the way we do business.  As Industry 4.0 evolves, so do we.  We appreciate that every customer is unique and welcome new challenges.  The following information is a representation of our broad experience with customers up till now.  If there is something you would like to see, but isn’t shown, let’s talk!


There are no obstacles, only opportunities

Connected Apps & ModulesLicensingMaintenance & SupportCustom DevelopmentProfessional ServicesTechnical Requirements

Looking for a feature that’s not displayed here?

We can customize the application according your needs or make a custom development

From customization and digitalization of workflow to custom features, our talented development team know that our applications need to work for users in the way they need them to work.

As needs evolve, so does Productoo!

Keep in touch with production… from anywhere!

No matter if you’re out your office. Stay in touch with your business by our outstanding mobile app, which lets you conveniently access many features of Productoo software in your cellphone. Enjoy useful realtime stats, current overviews, emergency push notifications and much more.

Available for iOS and Android devices

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