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Paperless factory | Workflow digitization

Manufacturing operations have been managed with paper-based systems since the first industrial revolution – and they have worked just fine, you might want to say. However, with everybody speaking about Industry 4.0 now – don’t you think the time has come to go digital?

Paper-based systems lack accuracy, traceability and control – and on top of that, working with them is time-consuming. Even if you are extremely organized, other people might not be, and a situation might occur when you just won’t be able to find an important document or track down what happened when you weren’t in the office – because there will be no evidence of the problem.

The biggest issue with paper-based systems, though, is that they don’t allow for fast and efficient communication of data across the factory. Finding out about the current status of a customer order is a task that requires talking to other people, making phone calls, maybe even logging into several applications… A lot of time is wasted – time (and money) that could be spent much more effectively.

Productoo Smart Factory applications will help you with workflow digititalization – and this all will become history.

Benefits of a paperless factory

  • increased accuracy and speed
  • transparency and connectivity: everybody gets real-time access to the same data
  • traceability: every step of the process can be tracked
  • cost savings: no manual document work, meaning no waste of time – and money

“A good digital solution makes sure that the right person gets the right data at the right time
so they can make
better informed real-time decisions.”

Workflow digitization with Productoo

Productoo can help you digitize basically every step of the manufacturing process, from production planning and execution to logistics and maintenance operations. We can integrate our solution with your ERP (SAP) or other 3rd party systems and match the processes in our applications to yours.

Here is a selection of what can be digitized with Productoo:

  • multi-level production planning
  • queue sequencing
  • parallel planning (balancing)
  • end-of-line declaration
  • outbound deliveries / customer orders management
  • maintenance notifications creation
  • maintenance orders creation
  • equipment identification
  • breakdown monitoring
  • spare parts monitoring
  • real-time KPIs monitoring
  • quality monitoring
  • working instructions 
  • reporting

Use Case: Paperless Factory Manager

There have been some issues with a production line, the last few orders weren’t delivered on time and the customer is starting to get angry. John, the plant manager, wants to check on the line and see if production is going as planned this time. He just logs into Factory Cockpit and taps the line. The line detail pops up and he gets instant access to all the KPIs related to the production on the line. It took just a few minutes. No paperwork, no reports, no phone calls. The information was right at his fingertips when he needed it.

And there’s more. John also uses a mobile application in order to stay up-to-date even when he’s out of office. He receives notifications and alerts that he has subscribed to – anywhere, even at the airport.

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