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Optimize production planning to meet demand (demand-driven strategy)

Producing what you need, when you need it and doing so as efficiently as possible is the ultimate goal of lean manufacturing. Otherwise you probably produce too much and have cash tied up in inventory. One way to optimize production planning is transitioning to a demand driven strategy.

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How does it work?

Analyzing current customer demand (based on the orders for the nearest time period), demand-driven planning software (such as Production Control) automatically sets limits that reflect the situation, and adjusts them dynamically as the situation evolves. Besides customer demand, Production Control takes the following variables into account when when creating the production plan:

  • current stock availability of parts
  • required coverage of materials (including e.g. safety stock)
  • optimal batch size for the production of materials

What are the benefits of demand driven planning?

  • no more overproduction
  • stock/inventory levels optimization
  • just-in-time production
  • right-size/optimal batches

With Production Control, you can easily create the perfect plan driven by customer demand. Use the Artificial Planner to save time and let the system optimize production planning for you.

automated planning

This is what your future workflow could look like:

  • You receive customer orders and send them to Productoo.
  • The system checks parts availability based on BOM.
  • The system assigns the orders to available workcenters / production lines and distributes them instantly to the Digital Workstation on the shopfloor. You don’t have to print a a single paper.
  • You can fine-tune the daily schedule using the electronic sequencer (manually or automatically. Any changes are reported to the shopfloor in real time.
  • The system monitors if production is meeting the plan and if not, it notifies you so you can take necessary action.


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