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Productoo on-premise

Your infrastructure, your rules. Run Productoo on-premise!

All Productoo applications can be deployed on your infrastructure if you have the capabilities to manage servers in-house.

When is this approach the most suitable?

  • when it is required by your IT strategy;
  • when you need to integrate Productoo solutions with systems that are unable to communicate with cloud applications or applications outside the local network;
  • when you need to manage processes that directly affect production (e.g. you want to involve PLCs or shopfloor workstations in the ecosystem).

If you decide for an on-premise implementation, we will provide you with the application and database server specification as well as with the installation procedure and disaster recovery plan – and your IT team can take care of the rest. You will be independent in terms of updates, re-installations, deployment etc.

However, if you decide to migrate to cloud along the way, we’ll be ready to support you.

Are you not sure which type of implementation will suit you better? We can explain the pros and cons once we learn more about your environment. Our team can also carry out a feasibility study and come up with a solution tailor-made to meet your needs perfectly.

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