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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Short for “Overall Equipment Efficiency (Effectiveness)”, OEE is an important indicator that describes the utilization of machines on the shopfloor. When calculating OEE, two variables are taken into consideration: the number of produced good parts and the theoretical capacity of the machine, i.e. the number of good parts that could be produced if there weren’t any breakdowns, scrapped products etc. OEE is calculated as the relation of these two values. A score of 100% means perfect production without any losses. While an OEE of 85% is considered a world class score, the average values range between 60-75%.

One of the benefits of calculating the OEE is that it allows you to look into the reasons for losses. Generally, losses are related to the following factors of the manufacturing process:

  • availability – the machine could have run but didn’t (e.g. due to repairs, changeovers, absent operators or a lack of material)
  • production – the machine produced less goods than expected (i.e. it worked at a slower pace due to a lack of maintenance or incorrect operation)
  • quality – the machine produced enough goods but they didn’t meet the quality requirements (both scrapped and rework products fall into this category).

If manufacturers manage to identify the sources of the losses, they can take measures to improve their production performance.

Measuring, improving and using OEE with Productoo 4.0 ecosystem

Productoo 4.0 provides you with a detailed overview of your production asset utilization. Thanks to monitoring a number of indicators from different data sources, you learn not only about the current OEE status, but you can also identify weak points and processes.

Digital Workstation

A multi-purpose interface for operators enables fast communication in case of a breakdown. The Digital Workstation allows you to raise maintenance notifications immediately, which leads to a dramatic downtime reduction. It is also possible to record the cause of an issue directly on the shopfloor. A detailed OEE dashboard displays realtime values directly on a screen at each production line, giving you an instant overview of your performance.

Production Planning

Long-term as well as detailed planning, reflecting actual production capacity, enables to create a precise plan that respects the potential maximum utilization of all assets. The plan is continuously evaluated by comparing with the finished production. Additionally, we are able to identify a number of factors affecting production efficiency, e.g. micro-stoppages and deviations in takt. Learn more about Production Control!

Maintenance Control

Efficient maintenance planning with Productoo CMMS helps improve asset utilization. By monitoring the actual duration of all tasks, you can see if they meet the pre-defined maintenance times. Focusing on the correct planning of preventive (and even predictive) maintenance allows you to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.

Production Tracker

Use this advanced BI tool for detailed production tracking and analysing the efficiency of production and non-production assets. Production Tracker allows you to use multiple data sources, e.g. material movement in your ERP (SAP), production declaration, production line takt, IoT signals received from machines, MES or an OPC server.

Powerful Reporting

Productoo reporting tool offers a detailed analysis of all possible asset statuses (production going according to plan, takt deviation, rework, regular breaks, preventive maintenance, breakdown…). We compare measured values with master data, which allows for precise planning of all operations. Moreover, you can easily check how your performance has been doing over time – just study the long-term development of the KPIs.

Factory Cockpit

You can display real-time OEE indicators for individual assets as well as monitor long-term trends in Factory Cockpit. You can choose to receive notifications when OEE and related indicators manifest a decreasing trend or reach critical limits in real time. It is also possible to simulate the status of all applications in the factory at the time when OEE dropped. This way, you can easily understand the root causes of the given situation.

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