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Managers and executives

Have the right data always at your fingertips

What do you as a plant manager or an executive need from a smart digital solution? The answer is easy: the right data at the right time. And at the right place. Because you have lots of responsibilities and you can’t waste your time looking for anything or constantly keeping an eye on what’s happening on the shopfloor. You need software that will keep you updated about the things you want to be updated about so that you can make informed decisions. Software that will help you stay in touch with your plant even when you’re waiting at the airport thousands of kilometers away.

And that’s exactly what Productoo Smart Factory Suite will do for you.

Stay informed

Set severity levels for all KPIs and receive relevant notifications from applications connected to Factory Cockpit. You will never have to search for information anymore or ask your staff to update you on anything. Everything you need to know will always be within reach.

Go mobile

Our mobile app informs you about anything you want to be informed about. No need to go through tons of data you’re not interested in. Just select which notifications you want to get and… go back to your regular work. Don’t worry, you won’t miss any issues that require your attention.

Prepare for meetings

As an executive, you certainly take part in a lot of meetings with a lot of different people. We know that preparation for such meetings can take a lot of time – time that you might want to spend more efficiently. Factory Cockpit allows you to create presets with KPIs of your choice (e.g. related only to production planning). This way you have relevant data ready at all times. Just select the right preset and the meeting can start.

Easy reporting

Creating reports doesn’t have to be a tedious job that you just keep putting off until… later. Generating reports is a matter of minutes with our applications for production and maintenance management. You can easily select the parameters you’re interested in and customize the layout. If you wish, you can export the report and upload it into whatever system you use.