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Just Pitch It!

Most people see September as the “back-to-school” and “say-goodbye-to-summer” month. Although at Productoo we have nothing against these traditional perceptions of this time of the year, this September had a slightly different taste for us. It was a super busy month full of interesting events and new contacts. And challenges. Especially those. (Also, we got to use the word “pitch” a lot.)

E.ON Pitch Day

When we were offered to participate in the Pitch Day of one of the biggest energy suppliers E.ON on 24th September, we said yes without any hesitation. Being among just eight Czech startups to get this chance, we felt honored. Even though most of our customers come from the manufacturing industry, digital solutions for maintenance and real-time monitoring – just like the ones we provide – are getting more and more sought out by companies from the energy sector.

It wasn’t, therefore, so difficult to create a vision of our potential cooperation with E.ON. Focusing the presentation on our applications Maintenance Control and Factory Cockpit was actually quite an easy choice. What wasn’t so easy, though, was explaining the vision in just five minutes. But that’s what pitching is about, right? It’s about selling your story; about being persuasive, inspiring and efficient.

Modesty aside, we think we did quite well. It was our first experience of this kind and we are really happy to have had the chance – and excited for the new opportunities to come.

But keep reading – there’s more!

Practice makes perfect

Ever heard of synchronicity? Just to explain: imagine you’ve never really come across the concept of a pitch presentation. And then you are asked to give two of them in the course of one week, and the word “pitch” becomes one of the most frequent words in your vocabulary.

That’s exactly what happened to us. On 26th September, we headed to Bratislava to take part in an event called the Innovation Day. Once again, startups gathered here to pitch their innovative ideas for Industry 4.0 in front of potential investors, partners and customers.

Have we mentioned that telling the story of Productoo in five minutes wasn’t easy? Well… the organizers of the Innovation Day took it up a notch and set the timer to three minutes only. No pressure.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that 180 seconds is still quite a generous amount of time and we managed to handle this challenge successfully as well. What’s more, we got to talk to interesting and inspiring people and learn about new paths in Industry 4.0. An Innovation Day indeed!

BTW: We’ve done some googling and it seems that 60-second pitches are a thing. Just saying… 😉

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