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Going paperless is not just about financial benefits

Every year, 4 billion trees are cut down for paper production. As if this wasn’t bad enough: paper manufacturing causes serious water and air pollution. By using paper-based systems for production management, factories contribute to the environmental damage every single day.

One tree is used to make over 8,000 sheets of paper. Do you think that sounds like quite a lot of paper that could cover printing for a fair amount of time?

Think again.

Many factories print around 8,000 papers on a daily basis. That’s hundreds of trees every year. An entire forest cut down in several years.



Over 100 clients of Productoo have reduced their paper consumption significantly and are on their way to becoming paperless factories. They are saving over 10,000 trees every year in total. We are very proud to be part of their transformation.

We’re not saying that going paperless is a quick win. That you won’t have to print a single sheet of paper within a few months’ time. It’s a process.

Worth every saved tree.

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