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Internal logistics optimization is the key to lean production. You want to make sure your material flows smoothly throughout the entire manufacturing process and that there are no operations (such as waiting or unnecessary transportation) that don’t add value to your product.

How can you tell the material flow in your factory is not as efficient as it should be and your internal logistics processes could use some improvements?

  • you struggle with late deliveries (and might even be facing penalties)
  • material shortages are not uncommon (because there is no real-time feedback about the speed of current production or because the line feeding process is not optimal)
  • logistic trains are not utilized efficiently and are often overloaded or underloaded
  • you have problems with storage capacity (possibly due to missing or inaccurate information about upcoming production and expedition)
  • goods are often moved unnecessarily across your facility (e.g. because you don‘t know when and where exactly a delivery should be prepared for expedition)

The Internal Logistics module by Productoo gives you a complete control over your material flow – from the warehouse to expedition. It helps you:

  • produce without unnecessary stoppages

  • utilize your storage capacity and material-handling equipment efficiently

  • deliver just in time

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Internal Logistics by Productoo: Functionality Examples

The Internal logistics module complements the planning and execution modules perfectly, as it optimizes the material flow not only based on the production plan: it also takes into account real-time production status (delays, changes etc.) and upcoming shipments. This way you make sure that the right material is at the right place at the right time.

Control your WIP: Kanban Loop Dashboard

The kanban loop dashboard gives you a clear overview of the status of your semi-finished goods production. This allows you to control your work-in-progress by keeping a limited number of items in the loop.

kanban dashboard


Keep your line feeders on track

Line feeders have access to the current production plan in order to see how much material needs to be brought to production lines and when. A checklist is available for a clear overview of what’s left to prepare. All is optimized for tablets so your team can stay mobile and updated on the go.

Picking process optimization

Once materials are produced, they should be picked and transported to the warehouse or to the expedition area. Productoo optimizes the number of items to be picked so you utilize the capacity of your logistic equipment efficiently in each picking loop.

assembly picking

Real-time truck image monitor

The Truck Image Monitor informs you about all upcoming shipments (including production orders) as well as your expedition history. You can clearly see the progress of the preparation of each outbound delivery. This way you can make sure your goods are ready and shipped (just) in time.

truck image


Need more? Here’s a full list of features covered by the module:

  • Production stock management
  • Raw materials reodering
  • Line feeding
  • Picking
  • Repackaging
  • Truck image monitor

Get in touch with us to explore the possibilities of this module at office@productoo.com.

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