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Indian adventures… and a few hours in Dubai

Our consultant Honza spent last week in India, helping with the implementation of Productoo software in a manufacturing plant. Go-live was an important day for the local team, and they went all out to celebrate it: they even had a ribbon-cutting ceremony! Since this was the first implementation project in India, we decided to share some of Honza’s travel experiences and impressions.

A few numbers

Let’s start with a quiz question: Have you ever heard of Chennai city? We’ll be honest: not many of us here at Productoo have. And yet, it has a population of about 9 million people, which is almost like the whole Czech Republic. This is where Honza travelled. After spending about 10 hours on the plane (and a few more at immigration), he had a hard time getting used to the extremely hot and humid weather: temperatures reached as high as 40 °C. Lucky for Honza, they dropped at night. To thirty. (He didn’t spot a single person wearing shorts that week, though!)

A lot of people = busy roads

Honza’s experience with Indian people was very positive: they were extremely friendly, polite and always willing to help. And also keen on finding out about Europe – mainly taxi drivers, who asked a lot of questions about European customs, food and people. Traffic, however, didn’t leave such a pleasant impression on Honza. As we all know, India is the second most populated country in the world. It follows that traffic, especially in big cities, is really heavy. Not many people care about traffic rules, lanes or road safety. On the other hand, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right, Honza? 🙂

Local food? Yes, please!

I think we will all agree on this: you can’t write a travel post without mentioning local food. Since Honza knows that maintaining good relationships with colleagues is essential, he brought us a sample of traditional Indian snacks. Yummy! As we tried to find out more about local cuisine, we were quite surprised to hear that a lot of local people don’t eat meat; and if they do, it’s mostly chicken or lamb. Although Indian food is considered rather spicy, meals in this area aren’t so hot. And those of you with a sweet tooth should know about the traditional local dessert, carrot chalva. As Honza said, it’s really, really sweet – but we think it must be healthy since it’s basically just vegetables ;).

High in Dubai (no drugs involved!)

Honza managed to complete his work duties on Thursday, and arranged a short stop in Dubai. He visited Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world (to save you the googling – 828 meters). The observation deck is at 555 meters, which shows Honza is definitely not afraid of heights. After all, he proved that once more by visiting another famous building, the Dubai Frame, a 150-meter tall observation deck in the shape of a picture frame.

We’d like to congratulate Honza on a successful mission and thank him for sharing his travel experiences with us (and for bringing us the food!).

Stay tuned for more travel stories from all around the world…