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Create paperless environment for better traceability

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Paper-based systems lack control, accuracy and traceability, and time is wasted searching for and communicating data across the factory. A waste of time is a waste of money.

What does digital transformation mean to your business?

1. Increased accuracy and speed

Your clients are not paying for rework or waiting – as far as the manufacturing process in concerned, they are only interested in the actual value that you add to their product.

But it’s impossible to avoid mistakes when doing things manually, especially when you need to print and distribute hundreds or even thousands of orders and other documents every day. It’s also time-consuming to get everything done, and difficult to keep up with frequent changes.

Digitization can help you minimize errors and save an average of 35% of time spent on production operations every day.

2. Visibility and transparency: everybody gets access to the same real-time data

If people have the right data at the right time, they can make better decisions and communicate more easily. But data transparency brings another benefit. Sometimes when you realize there is a problem, it’s too late to take efficient corrective action – and things can escalate quickly. If you digitize the entire manufacturing process, you know (and the software informs you) about any issues before they even happen – or before they get out of hand. This way you can react faster and prevent problems from escalating.

3. Traceability: Every step of the process can be tracked

Digitization also leads to better traceability: you can easily track your orders (and all components) without having to rely on manual operations and paper documentation. The system acts as one “source of truth” that is available to the entire team.


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