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Improve OEE by 10-30%

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There are several ways to improve OEE, an important business metric. You probably know a thing or two about OEE and what stands behind it, but let’s take a moment to revise some basics.

It’s not just about the number. Knowing the OEE value is important for one reason in particular: it allows you to find out about your losses, to identify the bottlenecks in your value stream. 

Generally, losses are related to the following factors of the manufacturing process:

  • availability – the machine could have run but didn’t (e.g. due to repairs, changeovers, absent operators or a lack of material)
  • production – the machine produced less goods than expected (i.e. it worked at a slower pace due to a lack of maintenance or incorrect operation)
  • quality – the machine produced enough goods but they didn’t meet the quality requirements (both scrapped and rework products fall into this category).

improve oee

Productoo solutions can collect and visualize data related to all these losses. If you know where exactly you are wasting your resources and why this is happening, you can take necessary actions to improve your overall performance.

How to improve OEE with Productoo


understand your value streams

identify bottlenecks

continuous evaluation

focus on preventive maintenance

accelerate issue reporting

reduce time-to-react

plan production with respect to capacity and demand

give shopfloor teams relevant data in digital form to minimize errors

collect real-time information about performance

HOW? Production Tracker

Factory Cockpit

Maintenance Control Production Control Digital Workstation


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