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Make your staff flexible and mobile | Shopfloor digitization

Shopfloor digitization is one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing. Yet, it is an essential step in the process of digital transformation. If you manage shopfloor operations digitally, you increase production efficiency and save hours every day.

Although you can definitely do many daily operations related to production from behind an office desk easily and efficiently, there are still a lot of tasks where using a desktop computer or a laptop slows the whole process down and where shopfloor digitization is the only logical solution.

Operators, line feeders, warehouse workers and maintenance technicians spend most of their shift on the shopfloor or in the warehouse. In order to do their work efficiently, they need to have the right data at hand, without having to go to check anything on a computer or with their team leader. 

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Productoo Smart Factory Suite for shopfloor digitization

  • Maintenance technicians use tablets or smartphones with the mobile module of Maintenance Control. This allows them to issue and receive maintenance notifications, display working instructions, check spare parts availability and report on the jobs they have completed. Right on the shopfloor.
  • Operators work with the Digital Workstation. This module, designed specifically for touchscreens, gives them all the information they need right at production lines. Just with a touch of a finger, operators can display working instructions, declare production or issue a maintenance notification. And if the production planner changes the plan, the operator immediately sees the change on the screen.
  • Line feeders use a special feature of Production Control to check which material they need to prepare for which production line. As a result, the production can go smoothly at all times.
  • Managers can use our Mobile App to stay updated on any issues they want to know about. Even when they are out of the plant, they can receive push notifications so that nothing slips through their fingers.
Our clients have managed to save an average of 35% time on daily operations.

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