Factory Cockpit

Manage your plant with just a touch of a finger

Factory Cockpit brings unique real-time 3D visualization of the entire factory floor with instant access to important production and business metrics. Discover a completely new way of reporting across all systems and applications that you use in your plant. Join the Industry 4.0 revolution and make your factory smart!

Factory Cockpit

A smart solution for monitoring KPIs across all systems and applications in your plant

Your 3D virtual factory… anywhere, anytime

Staying up-to-date with operations in the plant is an essential part of a manager’s job. You want to know if everything is going as planned. But how long does it take you to get the information you need? How many people do you need to ask, how many reports to go through? All this while your calendar is overflowing with appointments and email notifications are popping up. You just can’t afford to waste any time.

Now imagine this.

There’s a production line you’d like to check on – there have been issues before and the customer’s getting angry. You just log into Factory Cockpit and tap the line. The line detail pops up and you get instant access to all the KPIs related to production, maintenance and any other apps that are connected to Factory Cockpit. How much time did it take? Probably just a few minutes. Now you can get a coffee and still have plenty of time for your other tasks.

That’s how efficient you can become with Factory Cockpit, your real-time factory simulator.

Transparency and efficiencyIntuitiveness3rd party system connectivityFlexibilityEasy reporting

Main features and solution highlights

Factory Cockpit offers a number of smart features that allow managers and executive teams to be efficient and up-to-date at all times. Find out about the solution highlights!

Like a computer game

Monitoring and reporting aren’t probably the most enjoyable tasks on your to-do list. What if we told you that with Factory Cockpit you can get the job done easily and have fun at the same time? Use the plant designer and drag and drop predefined objects (production lines, offices, palettes…) to match your factory layout. Zoom in and out, rotate the view… Almost like in a computer game. So play with it!

Unique user experience

We have designed the application specifically for touchscreen control. Use functions like drag & drop, search suggestions and color coded alerts. With Factory Cockpit, monitoring and reporting will become fun and you’ll be able to notice any issues much faster than before. Say goodbye to boring spreadsheets. No more wasting time trying to figure out what’s wrong. Just log in and see.

The right data at the right time

As a manager, you want to be informed about what’s happening in your plant. However, you might not need to know about minor issues – it’s other people’s job to take care of them. You probably want to be aware of bigger delays and other more serious problems. That’s why you can set severity levels for each KPI and subscribe to notifications of your choice. This way you’ll be notified only about the things that actually require your attention.



Revolution in reporting

Factory Cockpit brings revolution to monitoring and reporting. Are there any lines that cause more trouble than others? You can pin them on the screen and keep an eye on them at all times. Preparing for a meeting with your planners? There’s no need to spend hours preparing relevant data. Select which KPIs you’re interested in, save them as a preset and use this setting whenever you want. Be smart and efficient!

Travel back in time

We know that as a manager you can’t be in your plant 24/7, but you want and need to stay up to date at all times. That’s why we developed the time explorer function. Just select which point in the past seven days you want to look at and get a quick overview of all KPIs at the selected time. With Factory Cockpit, your plant is always within reach. 

A tool for those who need to be up-to-date

the team that will make the most out of using Factory Cockpit

Factory Cockpit is not just a tool for individuals. Each member of your team can find their way in which they can benefit from it. Be integrated, be flexible!


Managers can see the whole plant on just one screen and get an overview of operations in all applications. If there’s a problem, they get the information in real time. Moreover, they can simulate the status of the operations at a selected time in the past when they were out of office.



Factory Cockpit is a perfect tool for digital transformation that revolutionises monitoring and reporting operations in your plant. Implementation is only a matter of days!


Executives can set their own user presets, selecting the indicators they want to follow and defining the KPI severity levels at which they want to be notified.


All users of Factory Cockpit can stay in touch with production thanks to the mobile application. Be up-to-date anywhere, anytime!

Something missing here?

We can customize the application according to your needs or make a custom development

Custom development of Factory Cockpit is typically related to its connection to 3rd party applications. The solution thus allows you to follow KPIs across all systems and applications that you already use in your plant. Let us know about your requirements!

Visualization of KPIs for selected period of time, displaying of breakdowns. KPI history charts for production lines (per connected application). In addition to the real-time and frozen KPI data it is now possible to visualize complete evolution of selected KPI in the trend chart.

Factory Cockpit

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Ability to create and import objects with true dimensions. This will help users to get a true picture of production area. Very useful feature for example in situtions when they want to know how will a new equipment fit in the selected space.

Factory Cockpit

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Final version of 3D visualization of factory shop floor. Supports objects rotations, zooming and different angle views, which is very helpful for implementations with large and complex production shop floor layouts where you can get almost lost among all the lines and other objects that you transfer to the digital twin of your factory.

Factory Cockpit

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Adding a new module to Factory Cockpit called Plant designer. Users can now easily create and adjust production shop floor layout so as it reflects the reality as much as possible. Corresponding objects can be easily placed on the digital factory shop floor by drag and drop.

Factory Cockpit

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Factory Cockpit is now available on mobile devices – the application can be used on Android and iOS. Users are even more flexibile and the KPIs they are monitoring can be displayed anywhere “on the road”.

Factory Cockpit

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Available for iOS and Android devices

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