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Digitalization and improvement managers

Help your company set out on the Industry 4.0 mission

As an improvement manager, you always think about ways to optimise processes in your plant, to make your factory smart(er). Maybe you’re still using a paper-based system to manage production and maintenance operations. Surely you know that paper-based systems lack control and accuracy, and time is wasted searching for and communicating data across the factory. 

Selecting the right digital solution for manufacturing is the first step toward change. The good news is, you have just found what you’ve been looking for.

Join the Industry 4.0 revolution and go paperless with Productoo

Productoo Smart Factory Suite provides a wide range of functionalities for production and maintenance planning, scheduling and execution, as well as for reporting and monitoring operations.

Our applications will help you:

  • increase the accuracy and speed of your processes
  • make everything connected and transparent: everybody gets access to the same real-time data which allows them to make better informed decisions
  • track every step of the workflow at any time
  • minimise manual document work 

    What does all that mean? No more waste of time – and money.