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Digital workstation

Shopfloor digitization is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers are facing, yet it can boost production performance significantly. Not only does it improve the working conditions of shopfloor teams and make communication easier; it provides valuable, real-time data about the manufacturing process. Productoo Digital Workstation is a fully digitized, multi-purpose shopfloor workstation for operators, technicians and team leaders. It allows you to monitor ongoing production, perform visual and quality checks, display working instructions or receive and issue various kinds of notifications.



Although it offers an extensive list of features, Digital Workstation is very intuitive and easy to use – even for people who might not be used to working with advanced technologies. 

The solution offers an advanced management of user roles and authentication – to ensure that only qualified operators do a particular job, operate a particular machine or view certain documents. This helps minimize quality issues and unnecessary downtime caused by incorrect operation.

After logging in, the operator immediately sees the production plan, i.e. what they need to produce by the end of the shift. 

A lot of information is available on the touchscreen, including working instructions or rotatable 3D models for visual checks. Records of all actions can be entered during the production process. If a problem occurs on any production line, the operator can send a maintenance request just by a touch of a finger.

There’s no need to print any documentation or working instructions. Based on the item that is currently being produced, all relevant documents are displayed automatically. And in the case of any changes or updates, operators receive a notification.

If the operator cannot continue with production, they can issue a line stoppage notification. A list of pre-defined reasons is available. Each of them is connected with a specific escalation process in order to allow a quick and efficient response. This way we can also collect data for reporting.

The functionality is web-based, which means internet connection is necessary for real-time synchronization. However, Digital Workstation can also operate in an offline mode in the case of infrastructure failures. 

We can use your current hardware for the implementation of Digital Workstation. However, we can also provide you with hardware tested specifically for industrial use (such as touchscreens that are compatible with work gloves).

Digital Workstation is part of our planning application Production Control and is also integrated with Maintenance Control for a more effective management of the production process. Moreover, it can be connected to the PLCs and receive data directly from lines.

We can implement the full scope of the shopfloor digitization solution or just the features that are currently relevant for you. You choose – we deliver.

Main features

  1. Tracker of ongoing production (+ production route mapping)
  2. Electronic sequencer (+ production queue, redbox, incomplete palette management)
  3. Material visual check using 3D models
  4. BOM visualization
  5. Production declaration (+ scrap management)
  6. Production history
  7. Working instructions and other digital documentation
  8. Operator polyvalence
  9. Quality check
  10. Workstation effectiveness reporting (OEE dashboard)
  11. Line stoppage notification with customizable escalation processes
  12. Planned maintenance (+ history)
  13. Maintenance instructions
  14. Andon-based signalization
  15. Notification center

Other features

  1. Barcode reader / RF gun connection support
  2. Offline mode support
  3. PLC connection support
  4. Multi-language support
  5. Optimized for industrial touchscreens



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