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Use data to make better decisions and accelerate communication

Smart manufacturing isn’t just about the software or performance KPIs. It is – or should be – people oriented. A good digital solution should make data more widely available to all people involved and provide a single “source of truth.” This accelerates communication and promotes faster and better decision making on all levels of production management.

  • Should we invest in a new production line? 
  • If we increase the shift capacity, is it going to help us be more efficient? 
  • How much excess inventory do we have and how can we reduce it? 

These are just a few examples of questions that production managers and plant executives face quite regularly. But the right decisions can only be made when you have the right data – at the right time and place. 

Data driven decision making with Productoo

Productoo 4.0 is a manufacturing software ecosystem that enables data driven decision making. It connects all teams across the factory (whether they work in the office, in the warehouse or at an assembly line). It allows you to track and analyse material flow and understand where your bottlenecks are. Data visualisation dashboards make sure the right person gets the right information in time, meaning they can act quickly and prevent issues from escalating.

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Production Tracking

Production Tracker helps you analyze and visualize your entire manufacturing process. Use it for real-time tracking as well as for historical data analyses (you can process up to one year’s worth of data, which represents a really valuable and reliable source of information). Once you are able to identify the patterns in your value streams, it’s easier to decide what the best ways to optimize your manufacturing are.


production tracking

Production Tracker visualizes your material flow and collects a lot of data that help you notice patterns and discover bottlenecks.

Performance monitoring

Factory Cockpit, a digital twin, gives managers an instant overview of all operations in the factory. You can connect as many systems as you’d like and stay updated on all important KPIs. Whenever there’s an issue you should know about, the system informs you and you can act accordingly. And quickly.

digital twin

All processes and KPIs in real time, on one screen.


What does digitization mean for decision making? What did it bring to one of our clients, a pharmaceutical company?

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