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Consulting and administration services

Continuous improvement with Productoo consultants

Dedicated senior consultants available for long-term cooperation are the key to excellence. Users & key users can come and go but skilled Productoo consultants will always be here to keep the knowledge consistency for the use of the applications and to educate new employees. 

Our consultants always study the specifics of the customer’s business as well as all the processes of the supported company. Keeping in touch and checking in regularly allows us to understand and anticipate customers’ needs. By continuously improving the way Productoo users work with the apps, we help our customers get the most of the application they’ve implemented.

Typical example of Consulting & Administration services:

  • day-to-day operational L1 support
  • master data & transactional data validation
  • key user continuous retraining & coordination
  • system updates, migrations from quality to production
  • informing key users about upcoming features
  • new release testing
  • system customisation & administration tasks
  • new functionality & improvement management
  • regular reviews & follow ups
  • exhaustive monthly report summarising completed activities

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