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CMMS: Digital tool for managing equipment maintenance

One minute of downtime costs manufacturing companies thousands of euros. Yet, it is not uncommon that up to 80% of maintenance time is spent reacting to issues instead of preventing them. The right CMMS will help you manage preventive maintenance more efficiently and improve your asset utilization.

CMMS, short for “computerized maintenance management system”, is software that is used for scheduling and tracking maintenance work orders as well as for managing assets in a plant. Before, paper-based systems were used to manage maintenance operations, and their users had to deal with a number of issues such as lost or damaged documents and time-consuming maintenance planning. Good CMMS software helps you reduce costs and become more efficient by making sure you have all important data always within reach. An added benefit? Happier staff!

CMMS features

The functionality of CMMS applications varies; however, most of them provide the following features:

  • scheduling of maintenance tasks (preventive/regular, corrective, breakdowns)
  • tracking of work orders
  • access to information about assets and maintenance staff
  • spare parts lists
  • reporting

Productoo CMMS application

Covering a wide range of operations, Maintenance Control is a smart tool that connects members of maintenance teams.



Your maintenance technicians have more important things to do than sit at the computer. With Maintenance Control, they can be mobile and flexible on the job. Issuing maintenance notifications, starting and completing work orders – all this can be done on any mobile device right on the shopfloor. Anybody can scan the equipment barcode or look it up using the application search bar and issue a notification by tapping an icon. The planner is immediately notified and can assign the work order to a technician.

Traceability and transparency

The application allows you to track every step of the process and gives you instant access to the right data. Which technician can perform the job, what spare parts they need for it, how they should proceed and how much time it will take – all the information is right at your fingertips.


The environment can be set up according to your requirements and needs. You can use the app as a standalone CMMS or integrate it with 3rd party systems.

The scope of Productoo CMMS functionality

  • Route monitoring
  • Notification creation
  • Maintenance order creation
  • Equipment identification
  • Breakdown monitoring
  • Time confirmation
  • Spare parts monitor
  • Spare parts withdrawal
  • Technicians

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