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Easy and smooth. That’s Productoo on cloud!

More and more customers prefer the SaaS platform these days – simply because it’s more convenient. You don’t have to take care of the infrastructure, database or application server – our team deals with all that for you. What’s more, integration with other applications is smooth. This all means you don’t need a big IT team to manage standard processes, restart the server etc.

Which cloud services do we use?

Primarily, we use Amazon Web Services, but if you are already using another cloud solution for your applications, we can adjust to that.

We have also experience with Oracle Cloud (as an official Oracle Partner) and Microsoft Azure.

All the cloud servers that we use are scalable. This means they can meet the requirements not only of small pilot projects, but are a good fit also later on, when you decide to deploy the solution to other production lines or facilities.

When is the right time for a cloud solution?

If most of the other applications that you’d like to integrate with Productoo are cloud-based, we strongly recommend running Productoo in cloud. If you’d like to try it out, we can offer a demo version to you: our demos run on the same platforms as our standard-scope solutions.

Are you still not sure which approach will be the best choice for you? We can explain the pros and cons once we learn more about your environment. Our team can also carry out a feasibility study and come up with a solution tailor-made to meet your needs perfectly.



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