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Green is good, red is bad – it’s as simple as that

Originally a Japanese word for “paper lantern,” andon is now known as one of the basic tools of lean manufacturing. It is a warning system that uses visual signals to indicate the current production status and alerts staff when necessary.

Andon systems give you real-time information about the status of the processes on the shopfloor. It allows staff to be instantly notified of any issues and quickly respond to the situation.

Andon in Productoo Smart Factory Applications

All Productoo applications use andon-based alert management. The basic rule is simple: “Red is bad.” If you notice a red color anywhere, it means there is a serious issue you should pay attention to. Yellow indicates medium-severity issues. If everything’s green, you can relax and do other things you have to do. There’s no need to be on a constant lookout for updates and changes. The system will notify you if a problem occurs.

Red for delays

For example, kanbans in Production Control and maintenance orders in Maintenance Control will be colored red in the case of delays. Similarly, production planners and managers will be able to see a red background on shopfloor screens if production on the particular line is behind schedule. This gives them a very quick overview of the current production status when walking around the shopfloor – and a chance to react to any problems.

Send it to Redbox

There is even a special section in our solutions that has color red in its name: Redbox. This is where you can send work orders that you cannot for some reason (e.g. missing components). Once an item is sent to Redbox, the line operator or maintenance technician can immediately move on to their next task in the queue. No need to stop production or waste time trying to come up with solutions. The planner/manager sees all the Redbox items in their planning view and can solve the situation.

Customize it

The users of Factory Cockpit (managers and executives) can set their own limits for andon-based reporting. Based on this setting, they are notified of medium- and high-severity issues (yellow and red, respectively).

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